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Cheese Edam Block

Product of India

Available Size

200 gm

Hand crafted with fresh and natural protein rich ingredients which fills your diet with health and taste.

Nutoras Edam Cheese is a semi-hard, pale yellow Dutch cheese, which has a mild tang and a salty taste, when perfectly ripe. Some of the popular recipes that include Edam cheese are, pastas, cheese souffles, and cheesy potato salads to name a few. The Edam cheese at early stage goes very well with fruits like peaches, apricots, cherries, melons, while the aged Edam cheese is often consumed with pears and apples.

Nutrition Facts per 100 gm

  • Calories (Kcal)

  • Total Fat (gms)

  • Cholesterol (mg)

  • Sodium (mg)

  • Total Carbohydrate (gms)

  • Protein (gms)

  • No Added Sugar

The Fun Facts

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