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Cheese Emmental Block

Product of India

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200 gm

Hand crafted with fresh and natural protein rich ingredients which fills your diet with health and taste.

Nutoras Emmental is a yellow medium-hard swiss cheese, which is frequently used in sauces and grilled sandwiches. This cheese is characterized by a great melting quality, which is its ability to melt more uniformly than other cheeses. It is also one of the cheeses used for Fondue. The aroma is sweet with tones of fresh-cut hay. The flavour is very fruity, not without a tone of acidity. Emmental has walnut-sized holes. It is considered to be one of the most difficult cheeses to be produced because of its complicated hole-forming fermentation process. The cheese tastes delicious with a glass of wine, for example Jura Blanc.

Nutrition Facts per 100 gm

  • Calories (Kcal)

  • Total Fat (gms)

  • Cholesterol (mg)

  • Sodium (mg)

  • Total Carbohydrate (gms)

  • Protein (gms)

  • No Added Sugar

The Fun Facts

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