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Natural Cow Milk Paneer

Product of India

Available Size

200 gms

Adds a boost of healthy proteins which makes your meal appetizing and delicious.

Nutoras Cow Milk Paneer has high Protein to Fat ratio and is made using 100% fresh cow milk, which is hormone free and nutritious. The Nutoras Cow Milk Paneer is a wholesome ingredient and a rich source of high quality protein, minerals and vitamins.

Nutrition Facts per 100 gm

  • Calories (Kcal)

  • Total Fat (gms)

  • Cholesterol (mg)

  • Sodium (mg)

  • Total Carbohydrate (gms)

  • Protein (gms)

  • No Added Sugar

The Fun Facts

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Earlier, dairy products were produced with the milk of Yaks, Sheep, Goats, Camels, Water buffalos. These animals have provided humans with milk for thousands of years. Not cows!